End Of Year Showcase 2016

At the end of 2016, Unite Dance Studio held their very first End Of Year Showcase at Saltwater Community Centre in Point Cook.

Countless hours of work are required to get dancers on stage, in a costume, performing a choreographed routine, in front of an audience. It's certainly no easy feat!

As teachers, we dedicate hours upon hours to our classes and choreographing their routines, and spend our late-nights sewing costumes, and planning the show down to the most miniscule detail.

More importantly though, the dedication from the students in the lead up to their performance is what is truly amazing.

For the majority of our students, our End Of Year Showcase was the first time they had ever performed a dance routine in front of an audience. Infact, it was the first time they had ever learnt choreography in a dance class, never mind having to then get up on stage and perform their routines for their family and friends!

So you can imagine how proud we were to see our students get up on that stage for the first time and blow their audience away with their energy, enthusiasm and passion!

Pre-School Dancers

Our preschool classes were a definite crowd favourite, with a huge roar of applause for their funky moves to ABC and Uptown Funk!

All the hours of hard work is totally worth it to see those smiling faces on stage, having a great time and loving dance.

The Junior Hip Hop class was the hardest working class of the entire school! They had practised and practised and practised their routines, and sure enough - they stepped out on that stage for the first time ever and SMASHED IT! We couldn't have been happier with their performance.

Our wonderful advanced dancers took to the stage for FOUR routines, and danced beautifully like the seasoned performers they are! The younger dancers were so in awe of "the big girls", and one young dancer even pulled me aside to ask if she would be able to dance like "the big girls" one day.

That's the thing about performing, it's so essential to the fabric of being a dancer. Not only for your own personal development, but also to watch other dancers and be inspired by them and driven to work harder in class!

Once you get a taste for being on stage, it's hard to ever imagine life without it.

We were so thrilled to have a packed out audience for our first Showcase at Saltwater Community Centre, and are incredibly proud of all who performed at the event.

Check out our social media pages for more photos, videos and snapshots from the day.



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