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A high energy class that begins with a warm-up and stretch, you will learn dance techniques such as kicks, turns, and leaps as well as a choreographed step-by-step routines. Also known as Modern Dance or Jazz Ballet, this style is widely used in areas such as Musical Theatre, Music Video Clips, Commercial Performances, etc. This class is a great foundation class for any dancer and draws on many of the techniques learned in Ballet.


Currently one of the most famous dance styles, Hip Hop has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years and can include a wide variety of urban dance components.
This class will begin with a short warm up and stretch, and can also include a range of strengthening and isolation exercises to develop the physical-ability range of the dancer. You will also learn a choreographed routine in the style of Hip Hop to popular music.


Classical Ballet provides dancers with the essential foundations and training for all other styles of dance. It is excellent for improving agility, coordination, posture, flexibility, grace and strength.
Ballet class consists of a series of movements, performed in repetition, as well as learning and practicing a choreographed routine in traditional ballet style.


In Tap, we wear leather-soled shoes with tap plates on the soles of the shoe, which are used to create percussive sounds through footwork. Tap class is great for strength, stamina, control, muscular development, coordination and musicality. We learn traditional tap steps and practice rhythmic patterns to create a choreographed routine.


Lyrical dance combines techniques learned in ballet, jazz and contemporary. It is free-flowing style of dance that utilizes the lyrics of the music as inspiration to express intent. A warm up and stretch is performed at the start of this class, followed by learning and practicing a choreographed routine to set music.


Contemporary dance draws from ballet and jazz and hip hop/urban dance training. It is artistic, grounded, and often combines dance with naturalistic movements to tell a story. A warm up and stretch is performed at the start of this class, followed by learning and practicing a choreographed routine to set music.


This class is focused purely on stretching and strengthening our bodies. We will guide you through an intensive stretch to assist in improving flexibility, work through exercises to build strength and stamina, and learn and develop corner progressions. This class is a great supplement to any dancers training, or for anyone who wants to improve overall health and fitness.




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